Resiliency, is the first release by ALBEIT LOOSE, a collaboration between Alberto de Angeli e Lorenzo Brusci (aka TIMET)


Lorenzo Brusci, Co-founder of MUSSTDESIGN and co-founder at the AI music project MUSICO, has launched over the last 25 years ambitious adventures in the audio and sound space design field as the sound and interactive design studio GIARDINO SONORO or ARCHITETTURA SONORA. He is active since the early ’90s as TIMET (with collaborations with Fred Frith, Elliott Sharp, Zeena Parkins, Lukas Ligeti, Ares Tavolazzi, Stefano Bollani).
Released April 14, 2020composed and produced by ALBEIT LOOSE, Alberto de Angeli, Lorenzo Brusci- under COVID-19 restrictions, rigorously remotely composed and produced in Milano and Montevarchi, (Italia), between April 4-13, 2020,

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